Hayashi the Samurai
Dieter Bohlen in Danger
The clearing Bruce Darnell
Sylivie's test of Courage
Britain's Got Talent
Hayashi on Japanese TV

Dieter Bohlen in danger on Supertalent

The act with judge Dieter Bohlen
Samurai Hayashi on "Das Supertalent" in Germany

September 24, 2010
televison viewers: 7.4 million
Source: clipfish.de

The revenge with Bruce Darnell

Epic special appearance with judge Bruce Darnell
Samurai Hayashi on "Das Supertalent" in Germany

November 20, 2010
televison viewers: 8 million
Source: clipfish.de

Sylvie van der Vaart's test of courage

Semifinal act with Judge Sylvie van der Vaart
Samurai Hayashi on "Das Supertalent" in Germany

December 4, 2010
televison viewers: 8.3 million
Source: clipfish.de

Simon Cowell scared by this act

The act that scared the pants of Simon Cowell
Samurai Hayashi on "Britain's Got Talent" in England

May 8, 2010
televison viewers: 12 million, over 30 million YouTube views

Terrifying Japanese pop star Becky

Hayashi terrifies Japanese pop star Becky
Samurai Hayashi on Japanese TV Show "Taking On The World"

October 24, 2010
televison viewers: 20 million