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Ryan Hayashi teaches Karate and Iaido (The Art Of The Samurai Sword) in Mannheim, Germany.


The Hayashi Karate Team now trains at the new HAYASHI DOJO Martial Arts Academy, which opened in May 2015. The school is located at T6, 2 (T6 Street, building number 2) in downtown Mannheim, Germany.

Karate training for beginners is on Mondays and Wednesdays, 7:15 pm to 9:00 pm. Fridays are advanced and technical training.
Instruction is in English and Japanese. Free trial training. Visitors are welcome.
Website: Hayashi Dojo

Self-Defense, Tai Chi and Chi Gong trainings are by appointment only.

For further information regarding Karate or Self-Defense training, call Ryan Hayashi, the school’s Director: 0176 6093 7093
Email: central@hayashi-samurai.com

For further information regarding Tai Chi and Chi Gong, call Alexandra Selzer, the school’s Second Director: 0176 5011 7058

Hayashi Dojo


Akademie für Asiatische Kampfkunst
T6, 2
68161 Mannheim
Quadrate (Nähe Nationaltheater)

Hayashi Dojo Opening Ceremony


HayashiKarate (空手) is the world’s most popular martial art, with over 40 million practitioners. There are many styles of Karate, with Shotokan being the most commonly practiced worldwide. While there are several international organizations that practice Shotokan Karate, the JKA (Japan Karate Association, in Japanese: “Nihon Karate Kyokai”) is the largest.

The JKA, founded in 1949, is the world’s first, largest and oldest existing organization for traditional Japanese Karate. It is also the only Karate organization in the world which is recognized by The Government Of Japan as a “Shadan Hojin”, or an official government body with the status of being “for the benefit of the public”. The JKA and its branch organizations have over 10 million members around the world.

Hayashi has been a JKA certified Yudansha (black belt) since 1995. His 1st and 2nd Dan examinations were held by Master Teruyuki Okazaki, 10th Dan, a first-generation JKA instructor who introduced JKA Karate to North America in the 1960’s. From 1998 to 2000, Hayashi lived in Tokyo, Japan and trained intensively at the JKA World Headquarters (Honbu Dojo) under the world’s highest ranking instructors. He was ranked 3rd Dan at an examination at the JKA World Headquarters in 2000.

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Hayashi with sword Iaido (居合道) is the Japanese “Art Of Drawing The Sword“. It is a classical martial art derived from the centuries-old traditions of the Samurai warrior classes. “I” means “to be alert”, “AI” means “to face opposition”, and “DO” means “the way”. Literally translated, i-ai-do means “the way of being mentally prepared to react to attack”.

Training in Iaido involves learning the history, culture and traditions of the Japanese sword (Katana). Beginners first learn basic techniques with a wooden sword (Bokuto). More experienced students train with a training sword (iaito) which is constructed with the correct weight, balance and feel of a real Katana, without the razor-sharp cutting edge of a live sharpened blade. Decorative imitation swords are not allowed in training. Only iaito designed specifically for iaido training are allowed. This enables the student to safely learn how to draw and handle a sword correctly. Only highly advanced experts are permitted to train with a real (shinken) blade.

At first, students work on the perfection of formal exercises (kata) through exact repetitions. Later, when the exercises have become effortless, they work towards the ultimate goal of iaido, which is to achieve a state of connected mind, sword and body (ki-ken-tai-ichi).

For further information, contact: +(49) 176 6093 7093

Girls at training

Video of the Hayashi Karate Team